Agriculture and farm

Generators are significant in Agriculture to power specialized machinery in case of outages, or in many cases, as a primary source of energy, because some of this companies are in places where power is not available.

In today’s agricultural industry, equipment is heavily automated, making it even more critical to have a seamless backup power solution in place. Standard applications include powering pivot irrigation systems, modern dairy refrigeration systems, farm pumps, and lighting. The growth of intensive high volume confined production farms, particularly for poultry and hogs, has made standby generator systems critical. Even a brief power loss can cause catastrophic consequences for confined livestock.

KovaiCorp offers competitive business solutions to farmers and industry related customers, which will help lower operating cost and improve the availability of products while maintaining product quality with a global market, thus bringing forth the whole power of energy in the realm of agriculture as well. We have the experience, and high-quality generator inventory from top brands such as Kirloskar y MODASA (Perkins, Doosan, Cummins) to provide continuous and reliable power backup for much agricultural application

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