Few industries have shifted their focus to digital as much as the financial sector. Banks and credit union members expect online banking, mobile apps and other digital services to be available 24/7, every day of the year. Losing computer operations for any period could spell disaster for a bank and their customers. Financial institutions unable to access customer information or transfer funds could ultimately lose customers. Data from critical applications could also be lost without backup power.

In many countries, banks are regulated, and it is the lifeblood of the economy.

A power outage can cause chaos, and long-term power outages can cause the local economy to come to a standstill. Downtime can impact the global economy. In an industry where transactions are carried out in thousands of dollars every day, power outages make it unable to carry out essential transactions on time for financial corporations. Power outages can cripple both its seasonal and daily operations. The banks should take into account the most efficient way to protect its customers.

Banks and Financial institutions must have the necessary power backup solutions needed to effectively operate daily. A backup power generator allows banks to remain operational during extended outages. Therefore, banks can continue to process background transactions, serve their customers, and grow even in the event of any natural disaster.

KovaiCorp, an international power-generation equipment provider to industrial clients, has been helping banks and financial corporations with all their on-site power requirements. Our company has a broad product portfolio which can help banks in designing the correct power backup solution.

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