“Companies need to review whether they have the right controls in place. Power outages are not beyond control.” Larry Hunter, AGCS Risk Engineer

Protect your production down time 24/7!

Power outages bring production lines to an abrupt halt. These outrages may translate into the loss of material, the breakdown of machinery, loss of productive time, and in the worst case scenario cause supply chains to shut down altogether.

Backup power generators are not optional in the world of product manufacturing. If a natural disaster occurs, the production industry must resume a regular schedule as soon as possible! Lost time is critical. Reliable and suitable backup industrial power generators are the keys to preventing disastrous financial losses. Backup power generators (diesel, gas or Bi-fuel) are the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry when a power outage strikes.

Many industries have backup power for short duration interruptions in service. If a transformer blows and it takes a day to repair, many facilities can handle the power needs in that situation. What happens when the power goes out across the state, and it may be off for a week or more?

Diesel generators and natural gas generators are a practical solution for long-term power needs. Commercial and manufacturing industries can keep a stock of fuel on site to ensure backup power for an extended period, and then use tanker deliveries of more fuel once roads have been restored.

In the oil and gas industry, a natural gas source may be present on site. Such a facility could keep natural gas generators running indefinitely if necessary. A similar situation could apply to refineries and other petrochemical facilities.

To guarantee smooth operation for, if, and when it is needed every backup power system should be thoroughly maintained and tested periodically

As the manufacturing facility changes and grows over the years, it is fundamental to reevaluate backup energy capacity to secure it meets current needs.

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