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Most of the prominent and lucrative mining projects happen in the far-flung locations (deserts, mountains, etc.) – where the power grid is absent but where the precious metals are found and need to be extracted. The job could take much longer to achieve and would require a lot more workforce and money to operate efficiently without the use of diesel generators. 

For these isolated mining locations, multiple diesel generators operate as a primary power source to fulfill onsite energy demands. Sometimes this demand could exceed 50 megawatts (MW) at larger mining sites. Another critical topic in this industry is to guarantee secure, efficient power supply to mining operations as the equipment used by the mine to keep production up and running, sometimes on a 24/7 basis.

Diesel generators generate approximately 72% of the energy related to run multiple phases of the mining production.  Specialized equipment like huge drills, shovels, and other excavating machinery, runs on diesel generators.  Many of these generators are installed on enormous land roving trucks that serve to obtain and transport the minerals.

Another advantage of diesel generators compared to other fuels is that they have a lower volatility rate – as such, it is a safer option for use in the mining industry.

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