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A power failure in the home can be a terrifying event, especially if severe weather is right outside knocking your door. However, there’s another alternative to being left in the dark: emergency generator set. When the grid is down because of hurricanes, storms, freezing temperatures, or other natural disasters, it’s never sure how long it will take to restore power to homes. To stay prepared, having a backup generator in place will provide your home with temporary energy during an emergency. If there is a power cut during natural disasters for an extended period, a home generator can save your family the expense of having to relocate, allowing them to continue their day-to-day life in comfort

It’s estimated that U.S. families lose energy in the homes an average of five times every year. Of course, because of extreme weather, specific regions have power outages far more often. Loss of power in homes is costly and can be dangerous if a power outage cuts off access to food, water, and communications.

There are some places where power outages are so frequent that they are a fact of life in both summer and winter. People who live in an area that has frequent outages may want to choose for a more expensive device that will maintain necessary power automatically. Standby generators and UPS backup batteries are a couple of options.

The choice boils down to cost vs. benefit. That is why most people choose a portable generator because it costs far less and is more straightforward to set up. Portable generators have a range of prices between $300 and $2,500 and are capable of powering home’s essential appliances and many lights. These are significantly less expensive than standby generators—and all in all, they are reasonably user-friendly—but a portable generator does require manual operation and close monitoring. But If you want to be ready for any power outage anytime, nothing beats a stationary generator. Once the unit is installed, it starts up—automatically—when needed in just a few seconds.

Also, standby generators run a self-diagnosis to let you know when maintenance is needed. Some units even do this via email or text, to you or your dealer. There is another advantage; you have your choice of fuel— propane, which is less risky to store than gasoline or natural gas.

Standby Power For Home Builders

Standby generators are incorporated as a standard offering or inexpensive upgrade by savvy home builders to enhance their new home packages. A builder can offer backup power to make its homes more attractive to potential buyers. In several states, this tendency can be seen, and Florida is at the forefront of this trend. Home builders from Florida realize the value of offering their customers backup power as this state is prone to weather-related power interruptions. The generator represents a tiny percentage of the total cost of ownership, and so it is simple to include and finance as part of the construction offer, which many buyers find beneficial.

No matter the construction size and homeowner requirements, generators are designed for large or small homes and also according to whether you want a whole house or partial backup power.

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