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Telecommunications in the whole world has completely changed our way of communicating either in our personal or professional life. Nobody today imagines a world without the Internet, cell phones or computers.

The fast development of wireless communication systems worldwide and the increasing socioeconomic benefits of mobile phone technology, the need for reliable and economical backup power is critical.

Communications networks need their primary power supplies, either for backup power or for situations where there is no electrical grid available. Telecommunications companies are not generally in the business of providing energy for their own uses or their customers, but this is starting to change for four principal reasons:

Reason 1: By providing more of their own power, they can reduce long-term energy costs. Even a slight power outage can be costly, which is why telecom backup power generators can be viewed at as a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to meet power supply needs.

Reason 2: Telcos can insulate themselves from unreliable power grids. Electric grid loss throughout the year, is an ongoing challenge for network operators. As the industry continues to develop and grow with more and more devices that need transmission services, generators serve a crucial role as an emergency power system.

Reason 3: Powering installations at rural locations are particularly vital in areas where the power grid hasn’t reached much of the country, and Cell tower space is becoming crowded with so many other industries vying for the rented space. That’s why the latest backup generators must deliver the needed Kws while fitting into a smaller footprint. We offer a rugged and broad generator sets portfolio (diesel and natural gas) to provide the power needed. These generators work well with critical power components such as UPS systems, rectifiers, and HVAC systems that ensure power will be continuous as the generator starts and runs up to speed.

Reason 4: Most providers use data collection centers to receive input from cells phones and other wireless devices and then re-transmit that data. These facilities require substantial backup or even prime power gen sets to ensure the flow of information never stops.

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